Corporate Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know

Any well-meaning business shouldn’t take cybersecurity lightly. For sure, the threats to corporate data are becoming even more complicated for enterprises to handle. Corporate espionage, sabotage, and data theft are just some of the most critical threats that enterprises across all industries should worry about. So what do startups need to know when it comes […]

Burn, drown, or smash your phone: Forensics can extract data anyway

Damaged mobile phones are still filled with plenty of useful data, according to researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. NIST published the results of a recent study on forensic methods for getting data from mobile damaged mobile phones. It tested the tools […]

Government Report Reveals Its Favorite Way to Hack iPhones, Without Backdoors

Feds are once again demanding encryption backdoors, but its own data shows it can extract data from phones without them. The US government is once again reviving its campaign against strong encryption, demanding that tech companies build backdoors into smartphones and give law enforcement easy, universal access to the data inside them. At least two companies […]

The Decade In Trademark Litigation

There is still a lot we can learn from looking at the decade past at a macro level. By GASTON KROUB Considering that we are starting a new decade while continuing to face such questions as “Are We Running Out of Trademarks?,” I thought it would be a good idea to first look at what existing […]

The Cost of Avast’s Free Antivirus: Companies Can Spy on Your Clicks

Avast is harvesting users’ browser histories on the pretext that the data has been ‘de-identified,’ thus protecting your privacy. But the data, which is being sold to third parties, can be linked back to people’s real identities, exposing every click and search they’ve made. By Michael Kan Updated January 27, 2020 Your antivirus should protect you, but what […]


Global Forensics as a Service Market was valued at $ +9,458 million in 2019 and is estimated to reach $ +22,905 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of +13% during the study period. The demand for Forensics as a Service Market is expected to be driven by stringent government regulations and the increasing instances […]

GFPD launches “Security Camera Registry and Mapping” program

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Police Department has launched the Security Camera Registry and Mapping program (SCRAM). The program allows people and businesses to register their exterior surveillance camera systems so that, in the event of a crime near their home or business, the police may contact the system owner to see if their […]

Government Isn’t Immune-Oregon County Hit with Cyber Attack

SALEM — An Oregon county was struggling Thursday to get its computer and telephone systems running again after it was hit by a cyberattack. a week after a nearby city lost data and computer programs in another apparent attack. “All computer systems are offline at this time, our website is down and the phones are […]

Hacking on a Grand Scale

If it weren’t for impeachment, the country’s biggest story would be allegations that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) hacked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ phone. Why it matters: This would be the nominal leader of an American ally spying on the head of one of America’s largest companies, who doubles as the owner of one of […]