Kimmons Investigative Services Staff

We’d like to introduce you to the Kimmons Investigative Services Staff (click on their name for more information):

Rob Kimmons

President & CEO
Former Houston Police Dept
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Kimmons Investigative Services Staff


Royce Maza

Office Manager
Senior Researcher
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Lindsey Kimmons

Licensed Senior Investigator

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Andy Kimmons

Licensed Senior Investigator

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Laura Smith

Montgomery County Office Manager

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al-barringer-smAl Barringer

Senior Investigator
Ed. D, MA, BS




Gary Stone, Security & Investigative ConsultantGary Stone

Security and Investigative Consultant.  Retired as Assistant Chief of Criminal Law Enforcement, Texas Department of Public Safety, with tenure of over 31 years.



robert-cromwell-smRobert Cromwell

Senior Investigative Consultant
Retired FBI/Special Agent in Charge



Mitch Price

In senior executive leader positions, Mitch was responsible for infrastructure security, workplace violence prevention, business continuity, crisis management, security operations and cyber and physical security. Mitch, as a valued consultant to Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc., will be contributing extensive knowledge and network resources to our services.



alex-williams-smAlex Williams

Cyber Security Manager