In-Depth Company and Individual Profiling

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. provides detailed profiling to assist clients in every aspect of the litigation processes and business research. Profiling can also become crucial when making hiring decisions and in many other areas.

Kimmons subscribes to dozens of databases and other sources that allow our firm to profile companies, key employees, and others. In-depth reports can be compiled by searching millions of public records and utilizing other information resources. Some reports searched when initiating profiling cases include:

  • criminal conviction histories
  • civil records
  • federal court records
  • bankruptcies, liens and judgements
  • social media searches, address histories
  • family or company affiliations and relationships
  • state licenses
  • financial and material assets including properties and vehicles


Our resources do not stop locally. Our network of contacts and associations are global. The information found during profiling has proven invaluable to collectors, banks, lawyers, employers and businesses when considering important hiring and merger decisions. The information Kimmons can provide will help you make informed decisions!

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