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Rob L. Kimmons President (Rob is certified as a CPP, CFE, and CHS III. He also is a member of ESC and Infragard

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. is a professional investigation agency established in Houston, Texas in 1983. All of our private investigators are highly skilled and professional. We are currently licensed throughout the State of Texas and insured in excess of the required state limits. Our private investigators include former and current law enforcement officers, which make our capabilities and investigative services second to none.

Kimmons has working relationships with security firms and private investigative firms nationally and worldwide. Our internal network of resources allows us to maintain a high confidentiality level with each investigation performed.

If a client has a private investigative need or an international issue that needs to be taken care of, please call (713) 532-5881 for more information. Our investigators and private security experts are ready to handle almost any case. Our cases range from domestic investigations to corporate investigations. We also perform background checks, pre-employment screenings, and many other investigative services listed below.

Expert Private Investigative Services in Texas

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Corporate Investigations and Security

Kimmons specializes in all aspects of corporate investigations and security. Our Texas PIs are thoroughly trained to handle many different types of corporate investigations and private investigations including fraud, theft, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets, cargo theft, internal affairs, corruption, non-compete contract violations, injury cases, and surveillance. In all cases, Kimmons’ focus is determining the scope of the loss, parties involved, and the actions needed to prevent a re-occurrence.

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. handles all domestic investigative matters including contested divorces. Investigators regularly perform surveillance, locate assets, interview witnesses, conduct computer forensics, vehicle tracking, countermeasures/debugging, etc. on domestic cases.

You can read more information on this page about our domestic and family matters investigation services.

Bug Detection, Countermeasures, and Debugging

Kimmons uses state of the art equipment, and highly trained technicians when providing countermeasures and debugging services.

Each technician has completed extensive specialized training in the use and application of each countermeasure detection device. Kimmons’ recent purchase of REI’s Oscor Unit positions them ahead of most private security companies that offer TSCM services.

Don’t overlook the threat posed by bugs.

Due Diligence Investigations including International

Kimmons provides detailed investigations on potential investments, such as an examination of operations and management, and the verification of material facts. We offer due diligence investigations throughout Texas and the world.

Electronic Surveillance

Kimmons has highly-qualified and experienced surveillance investigators and maintains state of the art surveillance equipment. Surveillance can be useful in domestic disputes, injury cases, employee theft, labor disputes and demonstrations, as well as many other instances.

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