What are Countermeasures and Debugging?

countermeasuresCountermeasures and debugging are defense techniques designed to detect, prevent or expose the use of electronic audio or visual surveillance devices, also known as ‘bugs’. This includes the detection of radio frequency transmitters, carrier current transmitters, infrared transmitters, series and parallel telephone taps, as well as hookswitch by-passes associated with telephone systems.

Why Choose Our Countermeasures and Debugging Services?

Kimmons Investigative Services performs countermeasures (debugging) services for fortune 500 companies, including, oil and energy companies, technology companies, financial and investment firms, etc. A reference/client list available upon request.

Kimmons’ equipment and training is second to none. Technicians receive training at the REI Academy in Nashville, Tennessee and Jarvis International in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Equipment includes the REI Oscor, Orion 2.4 Non Linier Junction Detector, REI CPM 700, etc.

According to the U.S. State Department, more than 700,000 covert eavesdropping devices are sold each year, many of which are used in the workplace by disgruntled employees, agents for competitors, or disloyal partners seeking to share confidential information with others.

oscor-unitThe State Department also reports over 6,500 incidents of industrial espionage occur in the United States each year with an average economic impact of $1.25 million.

Beyond the pure cost of an attack on your organization, illegal eavesdropping can lead to compromised trade secrets, lost business opportunities and competitors gaining an upper hand. Fortunately, regular unscheduled countermeasure sweeps of your workplace can prevent these debilitating business outcomes.

Kimmons Investigative Services uses top-of-the-line de-bugging technologies to conduct countermeasure sweeps of spaces ranging from private offices and conference rooms to large hotels and conference centers – anywhere one can eavesdrop with a listening or video device. Our technicians receive advance training from Jarvis International Countermeasures Academy in Tulsa Oklahoma, REI in Tennessee and other venues. Kimmons Investigative Services uses the most advanced countermeasures equipment available, including the Oscor spectrum analyzer.

Experts estimate that less than 5% of firms offering TSCM (countermeasures) services, have the proper equipment and training needed to do the job.

These sweeps locate and authenticate radio frequency transmitters, carrier current transmitters, and infrared transmitters, hard-wired and wireless video cameras. Telephones and telephone lines also are tested.

The most cost-effective way to conduct counter-surveillance is before an attack occurs. Plus, awareness of regular unscheduled security sweeps among your employees usually discourages bugs from being installed in the first place.

Our counter-surveillance team is available to visit with you and conduct a demonstration of our technologies, right in your office. To schedule an appointment, contact us at 281-679-0070 or via email at rob@kimmonsinv.com.

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