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global security services

In cooperatioon and consultation with Kimmons Investigative Services, Mitch Price brings extensive experience in global security services. The page links below are to the services available with a form to ask questions or to get more information.

Security Risk Assessment – Consulting and Services

Kimmons Investigative Services, in working with Mitch Price, can deliver global experience and expertise in security risk assessment. This includes extensive consulting and work in security risk assessment with government and private sector entities. 

Executive Protection – a Higher Level Suite of Services

Many people may find that the role of bodyguard comes to mind when executive protection is mentioned. In international affairs, “executive protection” is at a far higher level than the duties of a bodyguard. The reality is that there are those with high corporate, institutional, or public profiles that place them and their families at risk.

Maritime Security – Internal and External Vessel Protection

Maritime security is an overview term for the maritime industry. It involves protection from threats, both internal and external, to vessels.

Aviation Security – Global Cooperation for Safety

While global airline traffic dropped during the COVID pandemic, it is climbing again and expected to reach and exceed the 2021 count of more than 40 million flights that year. Global annual airline passengers are expected to reach 9.4 billion in 2024, certainly pointing out the grave importance of aviation security.

Crisis Management – Programs and Plans Development

How an organization responds to a crisis depends heavily upon the advance crisis management planning in place and the appropriate training in its implementation. Other than organizational preparedness, crisis response depends upon factors such as organization size, maturity, financial characteristics, and operational scale. 

Travel Security Risk Management Programs

Travel security risk management involves all organization stakeholders in the assessment of potential risks to travellers and mitigation of risks for their safety. This includes the families of personnel if they travel with them.

Threat Intelligence – Cyber Threat Monitoring

The more complicated today’s organizational data systems, the higher the risk of cyber security breaches, and the greater the need for threat intelligence. As regards data systems, the threat intelligence expert(s) will implement systems and procedures to gather information concerning cyber threats.

Is a Workplace Violence Program Right for Your Organization?

The U.S. Department of Labor has created and implemented a comprehensive workplace violence program for federal agencies. The instructions and the program as presented to federal agencies stresses that there is no flawless workplace violence program, but having one is critically important.

UAV Detection (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) – An Introduction

UAV Detection, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Detection, is becoming a focus for concern over these remote-controlled devices entering restricted airspace and possibly syping or collecting proprietary data. Detection in order to provide early warning of aerial intrusion is one piece of the puzzle, with mitigation being the other.

Guard Force Management – Protection of Assets and Personnel

When security personnel and procedures are in place to protect people, assets, and property, efficient guard force management is imperative. The process of guard force management requires a thorough knowledge of the organization’s needs and development of a guard force management strategy that will be effective in protecting personnel and property.

Security Policy Development – Global Expertise

Because organizational security involves all organization levels and personnel, an effecctive policy can be challenging to formulate and put into practice. Security policy development is an organized collaborative process to produce a comprehensive and clear set of rules and practices for securing systems, personnel, and property.

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