Lindsey Kimmons, Licensed Senior Investigator

Lindsey Kimmons’ tenacious and aggressive search for the truth distinguishes her as one of Houston’s top investigators. Lindsey received her bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in 2009, majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Public Relations. Lindsey’s versatility enables her to conduct a variety of surveillances, as well as digital background checks and social media investigations.

She is a licensed senior investigator and analyst, but also acts as case coordinator and client liaison. Additionally, she is highly trained and skilled in performing complicated countermeasure sweeps for recording and tracking devices. Lindsey’s skills, training, and hands-on experience are crucial elements in the daily communication with clients who rely heavily upon her for updates and information. No task is beyond Lindsey’s talent and skill. Lindsey has been with K.I.S. since 2010.