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Executive Protection – a Higher Level Suite of Services

Executive Protection or Bodyguard?

Many people may find that the role of bodyguard comes to mind when executive protection is mentioned. In international affairs, “executive protection” is at a far higher level than the duties of a bodyguard. The reality is that there are those with high corporate, institutional, or public profiles that place them and their families at risk. Global executive protection services are in high demand and can be overt or covert in nature. Executive protection services can include:

  • surveillance
  • counter surveillance
  • advance travel protective planning
  • logistics coordination of support personnel, drivers, etc.

The higher the threat level the more sophisticated the coordination and service delivery.

What are the Activities of Executive Protection Agents?

Depending on the client’s needs, their activities, and their lifestyle, some or all of the following activities can be involved in an executive protection assignment:

Security Drivers – In many situations a client is at the highest level of risk when being transported by vehicle. Even careful mapping of routes cannot guarantee safety. From vehicle characteristics to protective driving practices, the executive protection agent must oversee every aspect of a transport scenario.

Corporate Security – The corporate board of directors will often institute instructions for the protection of the company CEO and some board members. In answering to shareholders, the board may hire an executive protection service to enhance confidence in the management of the corporation.

Security Risk Assessment – Any comprehensive delivery of executive protection services requires at the start a security risk assessment. A great deal of data is gathered and analyzed relative to the specific client’s needs and situation. All possible and specific threats are prioritized and specific recommendations are made and reported in a security risk assessment report.

Close Protection – Clients wishing 24/7 protection from specific targeted threats will select the close protection services. Threats of physical harm, harrassment, or extortion are common and often call for close protection. In providing this round-the-clock protection at the client’s home, at work, in their daily travels, and on vacations, the close protection agent will assume many duties from driving, planning, and advising to physical protection.

Discrete Protective Services – When a client wants protection but with discretion and at a lower level than close protection, this is a popular services option. The protection agent in this situation will be ready to respond to or deter a threat, but they’ll do so in ways not visible to the client at most times.


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