commercial spyware

U.S. cracks down on commercial spyware with visa restrictions

The move marks the latest effort by the U.S. government to curb the spread of commercial spyware, which has been used to target journalists, politicians and human rights activists. Commercial spyware, which is developed by legitimate companies and sold to customers such as governments and law enforcement agencies, represents a major issue in cybersecurity today. […]

data breach

Breaking News – Get the Latest Data Breach News

GOOGLE ALERT – “DATA BREACH” 19 MIN AGO Data watchdog rebukes Scottish landlord for data breach – Inside Housing The ICO’s investigation also found that staff were not clear on the procedure to escalate a data breach. It recommended that Clyde Valley should …   GOOGLE ALERT – “DATA BREACH” 54 MIN AGO First Shift: Former […]


Federal cybersecurity agency launches program to boost support for state, local election offices

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s cybersecurity agency has launched a program aimed at boosting election security in the states, shoring up support for local offices and hoping to provide reassurance to voters that this year’s presidential elections will be safe and accurate. Officials with the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure […] Click here to view original […]

security policy development

Security Policy Development – Global Expertise

Security Policy Development – The Why While an organization can implement security protocols and work on internal and external security measures, there are considerations that may not be addressed. These can be critical to a security policy and procedures for the safety of the workplace and personnel. The National Center for Education Statistics presents a […]

guard force management

Guard Force Management – Protection of Assets and Personnel

When security personnel and procedures are in place to protect people, assets, and property, efficient guard force management is imperative. The process of guard force management requires a thorough knowledge of the organization’s needs and development of a guard force management strategy that will be effective in protecting personnel and property. Guard Force Management Plan […]

workplace violence program

Is a Workplace Violence Program Right for Your Organization?

Importance of a Comprehensive Workplace Violence Program The U.S. Department of Labor has created and implemented a comprehensive workplace violence program for federal agencies. The instructions and the program as presented to federal agencies stresses that there is no flawless workplace violence program, but having one is critically important. It isn’t just the staff and […]

commercial spyware

Threat Intelligence – Cyber Threat Monitoring

What is Threat Intelligence? The more complicated today’s organizational data systems, the higher the risk of cyber security breaches, and the greater the need for threat intelligence. As regards data systems, the threat intelligence expert(s) will implement systems and procedures to gather information concerning cyber threats. The data gathered will be analyzed, and the assessment […]

travel security

Travel Security Risk Management Programs

Travel security risk management involves all organization stakeholders in the assessment of potential risks to travellers and mitigation of risks for their safety.  Travel Security Risk Management Preparation Preparation for the management of travel security will involve asking organization stakeholders a number of questions in order to assess travel risks and then to formulate a […]