Spyware and Trackers

Kimmons Investigative Service, Inc. (KIS) assists its client base with searching for a variety of common security threats.  The two most identified are cellular telephone spyware apps and unauthorized vehicle trackers.  KIS has the expertise and equipment to run remote spyware scans on cellular devices and laptops.  A cell phone or computer can be compromised by opening an unwanted email spyware attachment.   By opening a spyware email, an intruder can remotely monitor all functions of a cell phone, while being completely undetected.

KIS can remotely scan a cell phone in 1 to 2 hours to determine if a device has been compromised, then immediately return the cellular device to its owner.  In these scans, KIS will not be reviewing other materials on the device but specifically determining if the cell phone has been compromised.  Laptops, iPads, etc. can also be analyzed, but may or may not be able to be scanned quickly and remotely.   Quotes and time frames for spyware searches on these computers can be provided, according to the make and model of the device.  (A cellular spyware scan is billed at a rate of $899 per device.)

KIS regularly locates and retrieves unauthorized vehicle trackers on Client vehicles.  Our Firm has the sophisticated equipment to find these common devices, which can be purchased over the internet for as little as $50.  They can be installed easily and quickly but can be difficult to locate.   These vehicle countermeasures scans can be conducted at our Firm’s offices, located at Sage and Richmond, or remotely conducted at a site specified by the client.  (Fees for these vehicle tracker scans are normally $500 at the offices of KIS, or $750 at a Houston area location chosen by the client.)   Vehicle scans are usually conducted by two technicians and require approximately one hour to complete.