Message of the Qualpay case: Heed possible signs of fraud

  Ostriches get a bad rap. The popular perception is that the species Struthio camelus bury their heads in the sand. But, in fact, they flee from perceived danger at speeds that top 60 miles per hour. An FTC proposed settlement with a payment processor that ignored signs that certain clients were engaged in fraud […]

Are Executives Ready to Respond to Today’s Flight to Remote Work?

With the flight to remote work happening so suddenly, senior decision makers at small and medium sized businesses simply haven’t come to reality with their cybersecurity capabilities, and in turn, vulnerabilities. The big question becomes: are executives ready to address the onslaught of cybersecurity needs that come with indefinite remote work? Read the entire article […]

Houston Private Investigation Company Spotlights Hidden Business Threats

Houston Private Investigation Services Running a business involves a great many challenges, and this Houston private investigation company helps when those challenges involve threats to the business. They can involve internal, external threats, or both. Often you’re in the dark, unaware of threats, and the job of the private investigator is to spotlight them for […]

Securing the Mainframe: How Companies can Empower Security Analysts to Protect the Backbone of Their Enterprise

To apply true holistic security best practices and reduce significant risks to the mainframe, security teams must embrace an integrated mainframe security strategy.   When it comes to securing the platform, the simplest solution of applying intelligent security software like EDR and testing its effectiveness—the security best practice that exists on all other systems—is often […]

Smile, You’re on Camera: The Facial Recognition World Map

There’s a good chance that at some point you’ve been watched, scanned, or analyzed by facial recognition technology — potentially without even realizing it, says a new study by Surfshark.   In fact, governments’ use of the technology is on the rise globally: there are now 109 countries today that are either using or have […]

$40.2 million reminder about the importance of due diligence and monitoring

  Companies that deceive consumers often don’t act alone. Pull back the curtain and you may find behind-the-scenes businesses that lend a hand. The FTC alleges that Atlanta-based First Data Merchant Services and its former vice president, Chi “Vincent” Ko, engaged in conduct that helped scammers rake in megabucks at consumers’ expense. The $40.2 million […]

NIST Study Measures Performance Accuracy of Contactless Fingerprinting Tech

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has evaluated several commercially available contactless fingerprint scanning technologies to compare their performance.   The results of the study, published as NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR) 8307: Interoperability Assessment 2019: Contactless-to-Contact Fingerprint Capture, show that devices requiring physical contact remain superior to contactless technology at matching scanned prints to images in […]

Houston Private Investigator Expanding Services

Houston private investigator Rob Kimmons is adding branches and personnel to provide more Texas private investigator services around the state. This Houston private investigation firm has been in business for many years, and has been involved in many high profile cases nationally, and particularly in Texas. Here’s an excerpt from one chapter in Rob’s book […]

51% of Organizations Say Their Security Teams are Prepared for Rising Cyberattacks during COVID-19

Only 51 percent of technology professionals and leaders are highly confident that their cybersecurity teams are ready to detect and respond to the rising cybersecurity attacks during COVID-19, according to new research by global association ISACA.  Additionally, only 59 percent say their cybersecurity team has the necessary tools and resources at home to perform their […]

Financial Services Companies Lack Trusted Data to Make Cybersecurity Decisions

Senior security leaders within financial services companies are being challenged with a lack of trusted data to make effective security decisions and reduce their risk from cyber, according to Panaseer’s 2020 Financial Services Security Metrics Report. The results demonstrate myriad issues with the processes, people and technologies required to have a full understanding of the […]