$9.3 million FTC settlement suggests Mail Order Rule compliance is always in style

By: Lesley Fair Trend-conscious buyers want the latest styles ASAP and online retailer Fashion Nova reinforced those expectations by promising “Fast Shipping,” “2-Day Shipping,” and “Expect Your Items Quick!” But according to the FTC, the California company’s shipment delays violated the Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule and left consumers haute under the collar. […]

NCTC’s Domestic Terrorism Conference Report

The National Counterterrorism Center, together with FBI and DHS, held a conference September 23-24, 2019, to examine the U.S. government’s approach to confronting the threat of domestic terrorism (DT) and to inform future DT policy. The conference convened stakeholders from academia, the private sector, and across the federal government, including intelligence and Non-Title 50 agencies, […]

Houston Private Investigator Services

Rob Kimmons’ company offers computer forensics services.  Computer forensics is a computer investigation and analysis technique used by this Houston private investigator to acquire civil, criminal or administrative evidence from a computer system. Clients may seek these services for: theft of trade secrets destruction or theft of intellectual property criminal misuse, or fraud Kimmons’ Houston […]

Texas Private Investigator – Vehicle and Marine Surveillance

  If you’re in need of a Texas private investigator experienced in both vehicle tracking and marine surveillance, Kimmons Investigations is your best resource for a Texas private investigator.  Surveillance, whether on land or water, is a specialized investigative service that requires both training and technical resources.  Kimmons Investigations has both. Texas Private Investigator Vehicle […]

Texas Private Investigator Services

Litigation is big business in this country, and whether you’re plaintiff or the defendant, court actions can take a lot of time and money, especially if a trial and witnesses are involved.  This Texas private investigator  provides skip tracing and witness location services. Texas private investigators from Kimmons Investigations have access to proprietary databases for […]

Houston Private Investigator Internal Theft and Corporate Espionage Investigations

To begin, why would both internal theft and corporate espionage be in the same article about Houston private investigator services?  Corporate espionage is the theft of intangible and intellectual property, and it often involves a company insider or employee.  So, we’re talking about theft from a company, whether equipment, products, or intellectual property. Inventory Theft […]

What is TSCM? – Texas Private Investigator Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Here’s what the FreeDictionary.com says: Techniques and measures to detect and neutralize a wide variety of hostile penetration technologies that are used to obtain unauthorized access to classified and sensitive information. Technical penetrations include the employment of optical, electro-optical, electromagnetic, fluidic, and acoustic means as the sensor and transmission medium, or the use of various […]

Digital Forensics Investigator: A Road Few Have Traveled

So, what is DFIR? Digital Forensics and Incident Response are commonly abbreviated as DFIR and refer to a particular skill set in computer security and forensics. This article will focus on the digital forensics part of this unholy union of the two fields. “Computer Forensics is the retrieval, analysis, and use of digital evidence in […]