Company Keeps Spies Out Of Your Life

From By Sandra Bretting Published 11:11 p.m., Friday, February 3, 2012 Like the characters in Mad magazine’s long-running Spy Vs. Spy comic strip, the employees of Kimmons Investigative Services spend their days matching wits with would-be snoops.   Read the Full Article

To Catch an Escaped Thief…on Camera

KHOU 11 News Houston, Texas Houston police have literally chased down a serial burglar who is back behind bars after escaping from a prison mental hospital. On the west side of Houston, businesses big and small have recently been visited by a thief. It’s someone that’s been stealing everything from money to computers. D.A. Smith […]

Keeping A Hidden Eye On Nanny

Nannies are drawing a lot of flack these days as media reports about abuse fuel rising anxiety over child care. In response, some entrepreneurs have emerged to capitalize on the growing concern. Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc., a Houston-based investigations and security firm, now offers nanny background checks to confirm previous employment, civil litigation history and […]

Surveillance Van Helps Catch Crooks

During his lunch break at the warehouse, this one fellow went home to sell goods stolen from trucks in the loading area. A second man soon pulled up in a car and went into the house. Jim Dunbar is a private eye with Kimmons Investigative Services, the detective agency hired by the company that was […]

The Difficulty of Gun Control

So, with all this effort and action and debate and with so many people trying to reduce the availability of weapons for criminals, I thought perhaps you might be interested in this little case involving three stolen guns. Guns are sure in the news a lot lately. Congress passed the Brady Bill. Then from the […]

The Latest Bug: Not An Automobile

The kind of bugs we’re talking about here are those eavesdropping bugs, those transmitting devices that can be secretly hidden someplace in your home or office by someone who wants to find out what you are saying to whom. Probably you don’t have any bug problem. The vast majority of us can rest easy that […]

The New Guy Could be a Spy

When you shake hands with a new employee, don’t assume he’s just another friendly face. More companies are hiring private investigators when they suspect there’s a theft or a drug ring operating on company time. The spy, posing as an employee, tries to get the scoop by working side by side with employees and hanging […]